JR Bearing

About JR Bearing

Locally owned and operated, JR Bearing & Power Ltd was established in the year of 1997 with the philosophy that customer service takes top priority. With the vision of being the one stop for all the farmer needs, to be there when equipment went down, and to cater for all types of equipment. It started out as a small shop and with the help and support of our communities, it never stopped growing. To the point now where we are known to have everything you need to keep your farm running. We have even opened a new location in Killarney in September 2022. We treat our staff with respect, and our customers benefit from the high level of experience and continuity JR Bearing & Power offers them.

Our Mission

“We strive to keep you going”


As residents of Southern Manitoba, we know it is vital that you have access to the right parts for your farm machinery all year round. So, if we do not have the parts you need, we WILL find and order them.

Our Vision

“Be the optimum parts solution partner with Agricultural and Industrial communities”


JR Bearing & Power services focus on your agribusiness needs and specialized agricultural machinery.

Our Core Values

Solution Focused

Our goal is to come up with new practical solutions to equipment hurdles


We love the challenge of hearing “it can’t be done”


We strive to always improve and adapt our services to levels beyond any competitor.

Need something specific?

If you’re looking for a specific product that you don’t see on our website, send us a message and we’ll track it down for you.